Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Weekend Away

            This weekend was very refreshing. Friday night, Chase and I participated in a ministry called “Date Night.” Parents who have children with disabilities can drop their kids off and go out on a date without having to worry about childcare. Each of us was paired with a child and we watched them and played with them for the night. It was a very beneficial experience. I have never been around so many people with disabilities and it actually wasn’t as taxing as I thought it would be. I thought there would be a lot more work involved in keeping the children safe. Honestly, going into the night, I thought my fear with having children would increase. My biggest fear in having kids has always been having a child that struggled with a handicap. However, seeing how much fun these kids were having has definitely allowed me to not be so afraid. When all is said and done, my life is in God’s hands and He is in control.
            The second part of the weekend I spent with my brother Adam. Since he moved back to Ohio, I really haven’t spent much time with him and it is something that I’ve wanted to do. Saturday morning, his church was holding an event called Skeet and Steak. Though it started before my normal 12:30 Saturday wake up time, it was a lot of fun! There is little better than shooting guns, eating well, and fellowshipping with other believers. I only hit four of the fourteen clay pigeons that were thrown, but that’s still an improvement over the last time that I went skeet shooting.
            Overall, it was a great weekend hanging out with Adam. Going in, I was a little nervous because we have had a strained relationship in the past, but I feel that we have moved on from the stage where we each are trying to outdo the other person. This competitive nature is often what caused problems between us and it is good to know that our days of fighting are behind us. I know that I only have one brother and I need to cherish my relationship with him. Friends will come and go, but family will be in your life forever. 

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