Monday, November 22, 2010

Blessed Beyond Belief

This. Weekend. Was. Amazing. That is the best way I can summarize the events that happened over the past 72 hours. Combine the best activities that one might usually do over the course of a month and put them into 3 days, and then you might come close to what I experienced this past weekend. Simply put, the past few days have been some of the greatest and most memorable times I’ve ever had.
Before I even touch on the individual activities themselves, what really made this weekend great was the people I shared it with. The friends that God has placed in my life this year truly tell how blessed I am. They are brothers and sisters in Christ that are having a profound impact on me. Around them, I can be myself. I don’t need to impress them, nor them me. Individually, the events of this weekend would have been fun; but sharing them with my closest friends made them unforgettable.
Friday night started out pretty normal. Some friends were having a party at their house after the basketball game, but I knew I wouldn’t get there till later since I had to put together a game recap. Though not always the most fun thing to do on a Friday night, work pays the bills (ok, some of the bills). The party was a lot of fun though. Socializing with friends in a relaxed atmosphere always leads to a good time. Overall, it was a fun-filled night and a great start to the weekend.
Saturday, the fun continued. A group of us went out to Mongolian Grill for Joy’s birthday. I’ll admit that I purposefully didn’t eat a lot throughout the day knowing that we would be going there. Anyone who has been to Mongolian Grill will not think less of me for doing this. Nearly 20 people came out for the night and at the restaurant, we sat all guys on one side and all girls on the other. Following our meal, we did some speed dating, which provided plenty of laughs and multiple strange looks from those sitting around us. Being a group of young, vibrant college students; hopefully people weren’t expecting us to be too responsible. Afterwards, we walked around The Greene, which was having its annual Christmas kick-off weekend. Santa, snow (although provided by machines), and a 50-foot Christmas tree are all you need to get in the holiday spirit.
After leaving The Greene, a few of us went to Baxter’s house to hang out and look at video footage that was taken from the night. This provided a couple hours of laughs and goofing around. Finally, the night was capped off by watching ELF, which of course, is the best Christmas movie.
Sunday, following church, we had our annual “Family Brunch” in Chucks. A group of five or six of us will each make a different breakfast food and we all partake as a family. It’s a good alternative from the usual meal in chucks and also provides for good fellowship. Sunday night, we had a Thanksgiving dinner, complete with every traditional dish and much more. We each pitched in and brought something, which produced almost too much food (thank goodness for leftovers!). Let’s just say I ate…a lot. Of the nine different deserts, I had five of them with multiple helpings. To finish off the night, we had a game night at Michelle’s house. After a few “heated” games of Mafia, the weekend ultimately came to an end.
Like I mentioned before, the best part of this weekend wasn’t necessarily the individual activities, but more the friends I was with. Being over 650 miles away from home, these friends are my school family. Before each group meal this weekend, everyone held hands and we asked God to bless the food and our time together. With Thanksgiving only a few days away, this is truly what I am thankful for. While possessions and goods will fade away, good friends and memories will be with you forever. 

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