Thursday, November 18, 2010

Procrastination Pledge

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.  ~Mark Twain

Remember in my previous post when I said that this week would be a difficult one? Well, unfortunately I was right. Remember when I said that I was a procrastinator? Well, unfortunately I was right on that too. These are the times when I hate being right.
Life since my last post has been non-stop. In the past six nights, my average bedtime has been 4:50 in the morning; finished off with going to bed at 7 this morning. Needless to say, that’s probably a little later than when I should be going to bed.
My biggest problem is prioritizing my time. Instead of planning things out accordingly, I choose hanging out with friends or other activites over working ahead on assignments. I continually tell myself that I have enough time to get things done, which although is true, means I stay up half the night. The funny thing is that going into this semester I told myself I wasn’t going to do this…again.

Thus, here is my public pledge: I will do my best to work ahead more and get things done in a timelier manner.

Trust me, it's not that I don’t enjoy staying up late doing work when other people are working on assignments too. Those have been some of the most memorable times of my college experience (Humanities Paper with Sean, Chase's laughing video, CLT and Spiritual Formation papers with unit-mates Freshman year, etc.). However, it’s probably not in my best interest to get on a schedule of going to bed past 3 AM regularly. As I’m writing this, it’s currently 1:57 AM and my change starts now. Goodnight.

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