Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gotta Love Being a Senior...

            It is weeks like this one that remind me why I love being a Senior. It has been a week in which I feel like I’ve had the right mix of school, friends, and relaxation. Let me rephrase that order…friends, relaxation, and then a little school. This semester, I’m only taking 12 credits. Now, before you judge and say that I’m slacking or that communications is an easy major, let me explain…

35 credits Freshman year + 30 Sophomore year + 18 Transfer/CLEP + 27 Junior year + 9 Internship = Relaxing 20 credits Senior year.
Now, back to this week…

            I tend to have busy weeks and easy weeks this semester, but there are far more of the latter. Up until tonight, this week has definitely been an easy week. With a presentation tomorrow and papers due tomorrow, Monday, and Wednesday, however, next week will be a difficult week. I’m far too much of a procrastinator to start thinking about that now though.
            Earlier this week, my friend Brennan from New York came to visit. Brennan and I share a specific type of humor and we both have high hopes for television stardom. In trying to think of something fun to do, I reminisced on my times at Chuck E. Cheese’s. Yes, we chose to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s to hang out. (Side note: if you want to go, there are lots of coupons online for token deals). The best part might have been seeing a few friends from Cedarville who were there student teaching with their school kids. All I know is that I love skeeball and I am unashamed to go anywhere that has it. As their slogan says, “Where a kid can be a kid.”  Oh, and in case you were wondering, I bought a Chuck E. Cheese’s PEZ dispenser with my tickets. Ya, be jealous.
            Although it sucked taking all those credits early on in college and working like crazy in the summer, I look at it as time well spent. To put it like my father would say, I am now reaping the benefits of my labor, and I must say, it feels great.

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